Mar 23, 2012

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Feb 16, 2012

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good morning beautiful

The Man didn't have work today.  Usually he's up before me and already downstairs doing whatever it is he does in the wee morning hours before I roll out of bed.

Mornings, to me, are not pretty.

It's not that I'm ornery or grumpy, because I'm not.  You can talk to me and I'm not going to bite your head off.  I'll even most likely give you a smile.  But I'm slow.  I don't get things.  My brain doesn't work.  And often times West will find me back in bed after my long shower when I should be putting clothes on and blow drying my hair.

But this morning it was me who was getting up before him.  Slowly.  Agonizingly.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, or how much sleep I get, it's the same ol' I can't get this brain to function routine for me.  I usually stand in a glazed over daze in the shower for a really long time.

Since West was still in bed, that meant that I couldn't get back in it because the lights were off, and that would mean that I would be out cold in a matter of seconds.  Usually when I crawl back in bed the lights are on.  That keeps me coherent enough to get back up again.

I stepped out of the shower, got dressed in the clothes I had put in the bathroom the night before, and blow dried my hair.  By then the circus was stirring. 

I stepped out of our bathroom into the dark bedroom and made my way around the bed to go downstairs and make the circus eggs.  We had 1/4 of a gallon of milk.  Cereal wasn't going to happen today.

As I groped through the dark I hear, "I hear my beautiful woman."

Does he know just what to say first thing in the morning or what.  Instead of finding the door, I found him.  Then he whispers to me, "what are your lunch plans today? Oh yeah, you have lunch plans with me."  Like he's the luckiest man in the world to eat lunch with me.

I'm the luckiest woman in the world to be having lunch plans with him.

West's cousin (but I'm claiming him too!) Got married to a cute girl yesterday.
{I totally stole this off of his facebook.  Aren't they reeking of fun personality?}

I love their family.  They are down right the nicest people on this earth.  I don't usually do wedding cakes.  I prefer to do character cakes and birthday cakes.  I usually pass the wedding cakes on to my friend Aislinn, who is Amazing with a capital "A", and actually in business where I am not.  I just have a hobby.  But when this family of ours asked me to help with the wedding cake I wasn't going to tell them no.

Like I said, I'm no professional.  And it shows.  But what it lacks in pristine perfectness it makes up for in taste and flavor. 

I think I'll stick to "fun cakes".

Happy wedding to our cousins.  Their wedding lunch is today and I get to meet my man there to celebrate the union of a cute couple and the fact that we are a part of a great family.

Feb 15, 2012

parents and pastries. and camera ramblings.

Every year the elementary school does a "Parents and Pastries" morning. 

This means if you show up for school an hour early with a parent and a book you all get a donut.  And a coupon for bowling at Fat Cats.

Mostly I just like being with my circus.  Especially if it encourages reading.

It's time for me to renew my phone contract and upgrade my phone.  I'm struggling with which phone I should use.  I've had, and loved, a Blackberry for the past five years.  I am most definitely not a fan of touch screen.  I want buttons.  West is a supporter of the iPhone.  He has me hooked on some of the game apps.

I think what it's going to boil down to is which phone has the best camera in it.  Sad but true.  I'm tired of sub-par pictures because I use my phone all the time.

And while we're on the subject, ever since my water camera decided not to be waterproof anymore, it's been leaving white spots in my pictures.  Despite what a kind reader said to me about it being spirits in my pictures, I assure you, it's spots inside the lense.  I can see them.  So I need a new water camera too.  Because now that I've had the ability to take my camera into the water, I don't want to stop.

Also, I want a fancy camera.  But I don't know which one.  I just know that I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my family and life, and I'd like them to, you know, actually turn out good.

So that's my to do list.  Phone with a decent enough camera, a water proof camera, and a "fancy" camera.

Is it too early to have a Christmas list going?

Feb 14, 2012

spreading the love in hot pink leggings and neon orange Vans

Valentine's Day at our house was perfect. 

West loved the blanket that I sewed for him on my new sewing machine. 

Cas wore a sparkly black dress, hot pink leggings, and neon orange vans to her 6th grade Valentine's dance.


Her favorite dance? The very last one where she didn't have to have a partner.  Sorry boys, you're on your own for Valentine's.

Cali gave me a sweet valentine this morning.

I got to have a last minute lunch with my man at my favorite Mexican restaurant.

I started assembling a three layer, three tier wedding cake.  Red velvet cheesecake.

When I make a cake I like to make sure that the mess explodes all over the entire kitchen.

Cas helped me with dinner by "dehydrating the chicken."  Translation: Cas   defrosted the chicken.

We had some extra red velvet cake batter so we made some cupcakes and spread the love to some of our neighbors.

Don't forget our family dinner by candle light.

celebrating a year of love and friendship

I think Google nailed it this year:

Valentine's Day is a day to reflect on how amazing my relationship with The Man is.  It's a day to celebrate how we have loved for the other 364 days of the year. 

Valentine's Day is not a day to make up for the other 364 days.  It's not about gifts for us, but for simply enjoying each other and recognizing what we have the whole year through.

Valentine's Day, at our house, is a family affair.  Every year we eat our dinner by candle light. This picture is from last year:
This picture is hilarious, it looks like we just lit the table on fire, but I guess that's what you get when you take pictures with your phone.

So in reflection of my relationship with West, here's a few highlights from the past year, on why I love him so much, and how I know he loves me.

Hands down, he makes me LAUGH.
Our favorite saying to tell each other is, "I will seduce you with my awkwardness."  We are clumsy at best and down right ridiculous at our worst and that's perfectly fine with us.

Our life truly is a giant adventure.  We support each other in interests that we share, but also in interests that we don't share.  We are there for each other.  He's my biggest fan.  And I am his. (Some of these pictures are blurry, I'm sorry, but I want to add them because we had such a great year together).
Jane Wayne Day
Seals in the cove in LaJolla, CA
Scuba Diving
I love the we can work on our house together.  The planning, the compromising, the work itself has been so much fun.  And it makes me feel like I belong in the house with him.
Bathroom remodel
When I was trying to get the job with Attorney General's Office he sent me this text.

He was there to be my photographer for my new running phase.
Dirty Dash

Halloween Half

And I've been there for his riding stints.
Sand Dunes

County Fair
I'm always saying it, but he's my best friend.  I do everything with him simply because I want to.

He eats cookie dough with me. 

He knows my favorite author, and even knows my birthday now :).

Whoville dinner

Our anniversary
West and I don't put a lot of pressure on Valentine's Day.  There are usually no gifts, no cards, no fancy dinners out.  And we're okay with that.  We smile because we know we love each other, and maybe we hug a little more (if that's even possible), and touch a little more (again, possible?) and perhaps we'll say "I love you" just one more time today...

We do have some exciting things happening today as a family.  Cas is having her 6th grade Valentine's dance.  She has to dance with 16 boys and has given me the okay to stop by to take a couple of pictures of it.

I might try to get a better picture of our candle light dinner tonight... one that doesn't look like we've just set the table on fire.

Oh, and I did break our general rule of no gifts and made West a blanket on my brand new sewing machine.  But I would have made him the blanket anyway, it was just convenient that Valentine's was right here, so I utilized the day to give it to him.

So we'll do one more post tonight after all the fun is to be had.  Because even though we don't put a lot of pressure on the day, doesn't mean that we're not doing fun things with it.

Feb 13, 2012

new beginnings and other things

I've been stalking a "new" blog lately.  She's wonderful and I love to read the things that she writes.  If you haven't heard of her blog, 71 Toes, you've heard of it now.  What an amazing woman (I want to be like her when I grow up).  She's written a book and Blossom on the Vine is giving it away

I want to win.

Given, I never win give aways, except that one time when a whole box of gum ended up on my door step, but other than that I never win give aways.  This one is worth trying for. 

If I don't win I'll just have to buy the book on my own.  I love reading her that much. And her story is incredible.

Over the weekend I learned that I need to be a better budgeter.  I hate budgets.  Loathe them.  Mostly because I'm sporadic and spur of the moment, and when I want to do something nice for someone, or buy something cute for my circus or my man, or if I want to start a project, I want to do it now, and not when I have a minute to sit down and fit it in to my budget.

How do you survive budgeting?  I need to figure out a way that this can work for me.

I've decided I'm not going to survive my girls being in Young Women's.  I have watched all four of my girls go to kindergarten with out a single tear, but our first New Beginnings and it's all I can do to hold myself together during Casidee's spotlight.  And all they did was give her flowers and a YW pendant...

I'm so proud of my circus and the choices they make daily, and the people they are becoming. 

The theme for Young Women's this year is Arise and Shine Forth.  I love it.  It's so full of action.  Check out this music video.

Disco cupcakes for New Beginnings:

They literally shimmered, it was the neatest thing.  The young women loved them.
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