Feb 28, 2009

Dead Pigeon Pose

My sister, McKell, got me into Yoga 12 years ago. I have since been a believer in it, and Pilates, as a form of exercise (mind, body, and soul). My favorite way to start the weekend is to hit the Yoga class at the gym.
Today we were on our backs with one leg straight in the air, the other leg crossed across it right above the knee, and our hands holding onto the back of the extended leg's thigh. The teacher, trying to explain how to do this says, "it's kind of like pigeon pose, only on your backs with your leg straight. I don't know what to call it, my mind just went blank!" And continues to fumble through a description (as there were some beginners who needed a little extra help). After she said that though, all I could think of was a dead pigeon with it's legs in the air!This is a what pigeon pose actually looks like, and is nothing like what we were doing! What we were doing, evidently, has been dubbed dead pigeon pose in my mind.


Jason and Audrey said...

That is awesome! I'll think of you, my dead pigeon friend, while I exercise on my stationary bike tomorrow...I've never done yoga, maybe I should try it.

Tiffany said...

Ummm, I LOVE Pilates but not so much Yoga, you need to read my blog on my first time at Yoga, it pretty dang hilarious if I do say so myself... anyways, some of the aerobic instructors have us do the pigeon pose and I CANNOT do it, I'm able to but when I pull my leg up my hip and toes cramp...... I know what pose you were doing (I don't know the name either) but every time I do it I will think of it as the dead pigeon pose!! LOL

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